About me

Chris Littleboy

I am a Postdoc at Stirling University starting out my academic career. I love teaching and research, and work to understand links between natural resources and development. Currently I am working on the Beacon Project at the University of Stirling in central Scotland. The project looks at the pros and cons of large dam infrastructure. This is firstly a deep-dive into four case study contexts (India, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and Scotland) and secondly a global comparative analysis of dam impacts using satellite imagery.


PhD (2017-2021), Development Economics. School of Oriental and African Studies.

MSc (2014-2015), Research for International Development. School of Oriental and African Studies.

BMus (2011-2014), Music. King’s College London.


Quantitative: GIS, earth observation, econometrics; spatial analysis; cluster analysis; agent-based modelling.

Qualitative: international fieldwork experience; CAPI surveys; sampling.

Theory: new institutional economics; property rights; game theory; social ontology.

Programming: R (expert); Python; C++; web delopment (html/css/JS with PostgreSQL and PostGIS).

Other: teaching; curriculum development; tutoring; supervision; marking.

Publications and future plans

I have one accepted paper at Land Use Policy on measuring the scarcity of agricultural land by combining household survey data and earth observation.

Four papers are currently under review, in the system. These are:

In the pipeline for this year is: